Catching up with reviews: Stone 10th Anniversary Ruination, Stillwater Import Series Vol. 2 ’A Saison Darkly, Dogfish Head URKontinent, and Mikkeller/Three Floyds Boogoop

Posted on 01. Nov, 2012 by in Beer Reviews

Stone 10th Anniversary Ruination – When I first got into craft beers Ruination was one of the first beers I tried.  I was amazed how hoppy a beer could be.  Fast forward to today and while Ruination has dropped from being one of favorite IPAs of all time, it still does it’s job and tries to ruin your palate.  This version of Ruination is a little bit different.  They amped up the abv by 3%.  Now it sits up at around 11%.  I also think they dry hopped this beer more than the regular version.  But honestly I didn’t sense much of a difference than the regular version.  Still a nice brew with a citrus hoppy flavor with a bite of bitterness.  OK more than just a bite, it’s a nice and bitter IPA.  Mix in some caramel malt backbone, pine, and sweetness and you still have Ruination at it’s finest.

Rating: A-

Stillwater Import Series Vol. 2 ‘A Saison Darkly’ - I don’t know if I can fully get into Dark Saisons.  I’ve tried a few and something is just a tad bit off with them.  This is one is no different.  While being an decent beer, it just doesn’t make me want to drink a Dark Saison over something like Fantome Saison.  The smell and aroma on this one is full of Belgian yeast, apples, pears, bananas and some oak.  But then there is the chocolate and for some reason it just doesn’t meld well with the other fantastic ingredients.  This is a good quality drinkable beer.  But I’d rather go with something else if I’m ever in the mood for a Saison.

Rating: B+

Dogfish Head URKontinent –  This brew is a mixture of a lot of different ingredients.  Waddle Seed, Toasted Amarath, Green Rooibos, Honey, Myrica Gale and some more regular brewing ingredients like Pilsner, Chocolate Malt,  and some Belgian Dark Candi Syrup. I had to google a bunch of this stuff to even see what it was.   As you can see, a lot going on.  In the end though I think it all melds together nicely.  Roastiness, chocolate, sweetness from the honey, coffee, and some dark fruit.  Mouthfeel is nice and dry.  This is a different kind of Dubbel and each ingredient shines though.

Rating: A-

Three Floyds/Mikkeller Boogoop – Here’s a collaboration brew between Three Floyds and Mikkeller.  Two really great breweries.  This one is classified as a Wheatwine but they call it a Buckwheat Wine Style Ale.  This is one of the many “Goop” collaborations.  They’re done Risgoop, Oatgoop, Hvedegoop, Ruggoop.  This one is just oozing or gooping with flavor.  Citrus, wheat, pine, pineapple, toffee, caramel, and it’s a boozy one.  Loved this beer and it’s nice complex hop profile.  Very hoppy for the style of beer.

Rating: A


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