Lagunitas Olde Gnarly Wine

Posted on 06. Aug, 2008 by in Beer Reviews

Gnarly Wine
Found: Grape and Gourmet
Price: Around 6 dollars a bottle
What the company says: Nothing on the site about the beer other then announcing it will be out soon.

What I say: I’ve had Gnarly Wine a few times but I’ve never gotten around to reviewing it.  Right of the bat if you notice what I’ve said is that I’ve had it a few times already.  That would mean I really liked the beer and yes it’s true, I really like no love this beer.

The Look: Dark amber color with little to no head.  Orange highlights. 

What the nose thought: There’s balanced Barley wines, then there’s extreme balanced Barley wines.  This is the latter.  Every smell in this beer pops and pops big time.  Awesome hoppy smell along with fruits, caramel, spices,  and candy like flavor.  This smell is just amazing.

And the tastebuds?: Move over Old Guardian, a new Barley wine is the king in the Polacks list.  This my friends is my favorite Barley Wine.  Everything in this beer is extreme.  I might not of tasted a beer that has flavor that pops as much as this one.  Nice malt background with a huge hit of hops, caramel, fruit, sweetness, and a taste of candy.  Just fantastic. 

The feel: This one is a little thick but with some much going on it won’t matter.  The flavor is just fantastic.

Would you drink more?: No doubt on this one.  #1 on the Barley Wine list for me.

Ending notes: I have a few more Lagunita reviews coming up but I’m sure they won’t touch this.

Rating: A++

2 Responses to “Lagunitas Olde Gnarly Wine”

  1. Jeff 6 August 2008 at 4:37 pm #

    And the search for the next great barley wine begins!!

  2. e 11 October 2009 at 3:10 pm #

    such an amazing beer. i think that saying everything about it “pops” hits the nail on the head; there’s lots going on, but all of it is balanced, intense, and flavorful.

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