The Lost Abbey Deliverance Ale

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So what we have here is the latest creation from Tomme Arthur at The Lost Abbey.  What this actually is, is a blend of Brandy Barrel Angels Share and Bourbon Barrel Serpents Stout.  Two great beers by themselves.  This beer was available through the Sinners Club and I know it hit some stores like South Bay Drugs.  But the bottom line is, if you see a bottle of this stuff, pick it up and definitely give it a try.  I loved it. 

Deliverance pours an almost black color.  Very very dark brown.  A small one finger head is poured but quickly disappears.  Yes people it’s carbonated.  Clap! Clap! 

With the smell you can definitely tell that the Angel’s Share took over this beer.  If I would guess on the blend I would say 75% AS and maybe 25% Serpents Stout.  Still it’s pretty damn unique and amazing.  The Brandy presence comes through nicely, mixed in with a butterscotch aroma, caramel, dark fruits, vanilla, and oak.  Small amount of booze.  It’s lovely. 

Taste is just as good.  It’s a nice and sweet taste.  Once again the inviting presence of butterscotch. Chocolate, Caramel, brown sugar, dark fruits, vanilla, bourbon, brandy, and oak.  It’s complex.  The alcohol is more noticeable in the taste.  But sitting at 12.50% what do you expect.  It’s a sipper.  It’s to be enjoyed over a long period of time.  No need to rush with this one.

Mouthfeel is thick, smooth, and creamy.  It coats the tongue and just sits there. 

For being an almost 13% beer, it’s very drinkable and lovely.  If you’ve had both the Serpents Stout and Angel’s Share you’ll notice the Angel’s Share owns this beer.  Heck I even though it was AS just packaged in a different bottle until I started picking up other stuff.  Another great beer from the mind of Tomme. 

Oh and the label is badass!

Found: Sinners Beer Club
ABV%: 12.50%
Price: 15 dollars a bottle
What the company says: Nothing on the site about this one
Other beers to try from this brewery: The Lost Abbey Serpents Stout, The Lost Abbey Cable Car
Other beers to try within the same style: Stone Double Bastard, Port Older Viscosity
Rating: A+

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