Beach Brewing Diablo Rojo Imperial Red

Posted on 20. Feb, 2012 by in Beer Reviews

What we have here is the newest from a local brewery around me, Beach Brewing.  In the past I’ve given the brewery a hard time because I thought they opened up the brewery without really offering anything fantastic.  Kinda like they opened up without perfecting their recipes.  I feel in that today’s craft beer world that there so many different breweries out there that you have to push the boundaries a little bit, make things the best you possibly can.  I didn’t think they were.  All three guys who run this place are great people.  I know one in particular a little bit better than the others, Mike, he’s a good guy and I love talking beer with him. They know their stuff and it looks like they are finally changing things up a bit, tweaking past recipes and making some really interesting new ones.  I’m not a professional in the world of beer =)  I’d like like to see these guys really do well and bring some great local brews!  This beer is a 9% Imperial Rye Red Ale and it’s Mike recipe.  It’s only available at the brewery at the moment and is a small batch.

Rojo pours a dark amber reddish color. A two finger head is poured from the growler. Decent retention and nice lacing throughout.

Mike gave me a sample of this beer at the brewery so I already knew that when I opened up the growler I would be hit with a nice dose of hops. This red is dosed with columbus, cascade, and simcoe during the boil and dry hopped with cascade, centennial, and citra. As the beer warms up more of the spiciness from the rye comes through with some caramel. It has a nice deep aroma.

The taste is once again a nice dose of hoppiness. Citrus for the most part. I wouldn’t call this the most balanced beer ever and I don’t think they they were going for that but the rye does do a good job of trying to catch up. Once again as you let this warm up more and more comes out of it. Nice spicy rye, potent citrus hops. This has a really nice taste to it. On the palette this beer lingers forever and it was still there almost an hour after I finished my glass. Lingering citrus, rye spice,and some heat from the alcohol. You don’’t really pick up the alcohol while drinking the beer, most just lingers in the after taste. Medium bodied, starts smooth and has a roughness to it in the end.

To me this is their best beer yet. I’ll plan on trying their newest version of their DIPA sometime this week. But if you’re around the brewery, pick up a growler!

Found: Straight from the brewery
ABV%: 9%
Price: Like 15 bucks for the growler
What the company says: Nothing on their site.
Other beers to try from this brewery: Beach Brewing Seadevil Imperial Stout, Beach Brewing Hoptopus Double IPA
Other beers to try within the same style: Ballast Point Tongue Buckler
Rating: A-

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