Beach Brewing Hoptopus Double IPA

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Here’s another local beer but this time instead of being 45 minutes away, it’s more like 15.  I recently reviewed their Diablo Rojo Imperial Red Ale and really enjoyed it.  This time I’m revisiting one of the first beers I ever tried from them, their Double IPA Hoptopus.  This one rings in at almost 9%.  I remember the first time I had this beer I just plain didn’t like it.  It was a total alcohol bomb.  This was about 8 months ago or so.  Since then they’re changed the recipes a few times I believe.  I’ve had batch 2 or change 2, which I thought was way better than batch 1.  Now there’s this batch in the bottle.  I believe this is 3 or 4.  So they’ve changed it again.  Which is a good thing.  It keeps on getting better and better.  I overall enjoyed this batch and it seems everyone else is these days too.  Getting some nice reviews on both Ratebeer and Beeradvocate.

Hoptopus pours a hazy amber color.  Very little head is poured.  No lacing at all.  Decent carbonation.

The aroma on this one is mostly citrus hops with a slight undertone of tropical fruit and pine.  But this one gives off mostly citrus.  Alcohol peaks through a tad bit here but not as bad as it used to.

The taste is a ton better than it used to be.  Don’t get me wrong, the heat from the alcohol is still present, they didn’t pull a magic trick and hide it all but it’s more hidden than it used to be and it makes for a much better experience.  Citrus, pine, lemon, and once again slight undertone of tropical fruit here mesh into a grainy malt character.  I understand they added more hops this batch so maybe thats where the hiding of the alcohol is coming in.  Bitter but not overwhelming finish.

Mouthfeel is medium bodied and clean.  Finishes a little bit dry.

These guys are getting better and better and can’t wait to see what they do in the future.  I love that they are changing their recipes or tweaking them.  A really good local DIPA.

Found: Grape and Gourmet, Virginia Beach, VA
ABV%: 8.80%
Price: Around 6-7 dollars a bomber
What the company says: Our Hoptopus IPA is an 8-legged hophead’s dream. Its 8.8% ABV malt base balances with 8 separate additions of hops, 88 IBUs, and a foolishly generous dry-hop to make this denizen of the deep a lupulin delight.
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Rating: B+

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