Catching up with reviews March Edition Volume 1: Green Flash Palate Wrecker, Ommegang Art of Darkness, Brooklyn Brewery Mary’s Maple Porter, and High Water Brewing Pom Cherry Bomb

Posted on 28. Mar, 2012 by in Beer Reviews

Green Flash Brewing Co. Palate Wrecker – Once again I’m really behind on reviews.  So here is some very quick reviews on four beers I got to try lately.  First up is Green Flash Palate Wrecker.  This is a Imperial IPA ringing in at 9.5% abv and over 100 IBU’s.  Yes it’s a hoppy son of a bitch.  This one starts off really nice by having a solid nose.  Tropical fruits, pine, and a small malt backbone.  Loved the smell.  The taste is where it falls apart a little bit for me.  Up front this beer is lovely, once again it’s full of tropical fruits.  Nice and hoppy, then mid palate the hoppiness stops and a huge dose of alcohol makes it way in.  Just pretty much kills the beer.  I really wanted to love this beer, really did.  Great brewery and great start to this beer but I just couldn’t get over it.  Still it deserves a decent rating and I would drink it again.

Rating: B+

Ommegang Art of Darkness – Now here is a beer that I just loved from start to finish.  This is not to be confused with The Bruerys Tart of Darkness which is a very tart type stout.  This one is catagorized as a Belgian Dark Ale.  Ommegang is one of the first craft brew type beers I ever had.  I remember loving their Abbey Ale and Rare Vos a lot back in the day but lately their new offerings did nothing for me, until now that is.  This is a nice and malty beer.  Aroma is full of malt, chocolate, dark fruits, and a Belgian yeast smell.  Now what I loved about this beer when it came to taste is the amount of sweetness it gave off.  It wasn’t to sweet but it was sweet enough.  The sweetness lasts from start to finish and is mixed in with a small bit of tartness, coffee, chocolate, and dark fruit.  It’s just wonderful and I finished my glass wanting more.  I am definitely picking more up.  I might even age one.  Great stuff.

Rating: A

Brooklyn Brewery Mary’s Maple Porter – This was a nice treat to have.  This is part of their Brewmasters Reserve.  I believe it’s draft only and I found it at Tortilla West in Ghent.  I was hyped to try it because we usually don’t see their draft only stuff around me.  This porter won’t knock your socks off but it’s tasty and something I could drink all night even though it comes in close to 8%.  The aroma is slightly sweet with some roasted malt, maple syrup, and a small dose of chocolate.  In the taste you won’t be blown away with flavor but instead it’s highly drinkable and very enjoyable.  Roasted malt and chocolate hit the palate first then the maple kicks in.  It’s not sweet really.  As stated on their site the yeast likes to eat a lot of the sweetness the maple gives off.  In the end it’s just a really good drinkable porter.

Rating: B+

High Water Brewing Pom Cherry Bomb – Last but not least is something I got from the Beer Samizdat himself!  We did a little trade and this is one of the first bottles I opened up.  It’s brewed with Pomegranate and Cherries.  I didn’t know what to expect when I pulled this from the fridge but when I got was a nice and different brew.  The aroma is of course fruity with the Pomegranate coming out more than anything else.  Honestly it was kind of hard to find any cherry in it.  Mixed in their was a nice spiciness from what seemed to be Belgian Yeast and some tartness thrown in there.  It’s pretty much the same with the taste.  The cherry might come out a little bit more here but the Pomegranate still reigns supreme.  I would love to know the amounts used for both fruits.  There’s some spices in there but the yeast does more than it does in the smell, a more yeasty taste comes out with a nice tartness.  It’s nicely carbonated and it smacks the lips.  I like this brew, it’s something I usually wouldn’t get into but I think it’s done pretty nicely.

Rating: B+

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