Another visit to Tired Hands Brewing Company

Posted on 15. Jan, 2013 by in Beer Reviews


A few weeks ago I was lucky to stop by Tired Hands Brewing Company again. I got to try 6 new beers on their always revolving tap list. All we pretty darn good and one in particular was fantastic. So fantastic I took a growler of it home. So first up is the best.

Nigel – This one is an Black IPA. It’s named after the character Nigel Tufnel from This is Spinal Tap. Out of all the brews I got to try this one was my favorite. Both me and my fiance agreed. We brought home a growler of this stuff and enjoyed it on a Sunday full of football. It’s full or pine and grapefruit. Not much of a malt backbone at all. Just a purely hoppy and fantastic beer. It left a nice bitter and dry mouthfeel.

Rating: A

California Uber Helles – Not much of a lager fan but this one ended up being nice. Up front there wasn’t much of anything when I took my first couple of sips but as I drank it all started to come together. Nice citrus notes. Mango, tangerine, grapefruit with a nice grainy malty backbone. A nice clean refreshing lager that I would drink over and over.

Rating: B+

DeepSleep – This one is described as a Black Winter Lager. It’s brewed with Smoked Malt and some pine needles. It’s poured a almost black color with reddish tones when held up to the light. Like the Helles above I had a hard time picking up anything in the beginning but a few sips in more and more showed up. A nice smokiness mixed in with chocolate and cherries. Their description of this beer is right on. It’s smooth and full bodied.

Rating: B+

DOMO – This is the first of the bunch I tried. It’s a Barrel Fermented Black Rye Saison. It was fermented for four months in Weyerbacher Insanity and Red Wine Barrels. What a mix! And what a treat. While it’s not called a sour, it’s a saison fermented with Brett. You get sour cherries, earthiness, mustiness, chocolate, and some roasted malt. It’s different and took a bit to get used to but in the end I really enjoyed the heck out of it. Nice punch of sourness.

Rating: A-

Yes, Yes, Yes, Killing the Ego – What a name for the beer. I actually love the way these guys name most of their stuff. I hope I can be that creative one day. This one is a Dark saison brewed with Vermont maple syrup and conditioned on 55 lbs of organic Ecuadorian cacao nibs. They also get creative with their beer ingredients. Sadly I feel like this was the one I enjoyed the least out of the six. Couldn’t really get much out of this. Small amounts of dark fruit, coffee, chocolate, and burnt malt notes. Yeasty. Both fiance and I both agreed we couldn’t get much out of it.

Rating: B-

Single Hop Saison, Motueka – Single hop beers a lot of the times don’t do much for me. I know they are trying to showcase the hop but most of the time that hop doesn’t do enough for me. I feel the need for more of a mixture of hops in the brew. Not here. I like what this hop does and I would love to brew with it myself. It’s a light brew. Hazy light orange color. Smell and taste is full of fresh lemon, citrus, and grass. Peppery and yeasty. Wish I would of brought a growler of this stuff home with us too. I hear this hop is hard to find. I’m on a mission

Rating: A-

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