Maine Beer Company has hit Virginia!

Posted on 31. Jan, 2013 by in Beer Reviews

Maine Beer Company has been around for a few years now.  MBC is mostly known for their hoppy amber ale Zoe. They’re a small brewery and don’t distribute to far.  So I was very surprised one day when I walked into my favorite beer store and saw a few bottles of their stuff sitting there.  Over time more and more of their stuff has showed up, including Zoe.  So here is a quick run down of what I’ve tried so far.

King Titus – King Titus is an American Porter that comes in at 7.5%.  It pours an almost pitch black color.  Motor oil like pour.  Nice khaki head.  Lacing throughout.  A good looking beer.  Smell begins with a really nice roastiness aroma.  Char, chocolate, woody, with a nice bit of hoppiness to it.  It smells fantastic.  Taste is also fantastic.  This is a porter I could drink every damn day.  Nice roasted malt, slight coffee, bittersweet chocolate.  Just lovely.  Mouthfeel is robust, smooth, and full.  Leaves a bit of a dryness in your mouth.  This is a top notch porter.

Rating: A-

Zoe – This is the beer I was looking forward to the most and it didn’t disappoint.  This is a hoppy amber or red ale. It pours a dark amber color.  Nice two finger light khaki head.   The aroma and taste is full of hoppiness.  Piney and full of citrus but like any good beer of this style there’s a nice big malt backbone to make it almost balanced.  Nice caramel backbone.  Mouthfeel is lovely.  Smooth and medium bodied.  Definitely one of the best beers in it’s style and my favorite of the bunch.  Drink as fresh as possible.

Rating: A

Peeper Ale - Now going from my favorite of the bunch to my least favorite.  Peeper is a straight up American Pale Ale.  There are examples of great APAs out there.  Zombie Dust and Daisy Cutter come to mind.  They linger on the border of IPA while still sitting in APA.  Still having great flavor.  This beer on the other hand didn’t have much of anything to it.  It gets nice big ratings on Ratebeer but I just couldn’t see that.  Light aroma and taste of lemon and citrus.  It’s there but it’s hard to find.  Mouthfeel is light and crisp.  I will give Peeper this, it’s a easy drinker and close to a sessionable beer.  I’d like to try this again down the road.  Maybe I didn’t have a real fresh bottle.

Rating: B

Mo – OK so Peeper was disappointing but Mo isn’t.  This is again a American Pale Ale but this time it’s filled with tons of dry hop flavor and aroma.   Full of tropical fruits.  Citrus, grapefruit, pineapple.  Has a good amount of dank to it.  Fresh and big tastes and aromas.  Mouthfeel is creamy, medium bodied, and a bit bitter and dry.  If you’re thinking of trying some brews from these guys I would recommend Zoe first then Mo.

Rating: A-

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